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Thursday, October 29, 2009

2012 - Is it over or just a number? (My Personal Review)

Until today I've four scenarios that's coincidentally bring us to a destination; 2012.

  1. Astronomy in NASA has predicted that a 'perfect solar storm' will happen on 2012 (read this NASA Article Click Here). Do you know the 'perfect solar storm' which has happened in 1859 has destroyed all wiring system in the world. And it was a lucky strike because there was only telegraph system at that time. After that, the earth only faces a regular solar storm which brings a beautiful aurora in polar region. But a 'Perfect Solar Storm' will causes aurora in every places all over the world and also destroying all the electronic system on earth. Let's see what will happen on 2012!
  2. Nostradamus has predicted that the earth will undergo a magnetic field shift so that the earth reversing its polarity. (which I believe is caused by the 'real perfect solar storm') And the second one is Nostradamus predicts that a comet or asteroid will collide with earth. This theory is famous as many article said a comet planet called 'Nibiru' is heading to earth. Like I said, just wait and see.
  3. Magician has revealed their secret of magic performing (where the show called 'Breaking the Magicians' Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed'). I wonder why they reveal their secrets. Is it because they want to share with us before the chance is over??
  4. And my final scenario is there's a new movie named 2012 (which will coming in Nov 13) ; where people is dealing with perfect disaster due to the end of Mayan calendar.

Whatever it is. I think 2012 brings nothing. Life never stop. Just because of Mayan calendar is finish, that doesn't mean our life's also finish. Maybe people get obsesses with 2012 to make money; bring an issue then publish a book, make a movie then you'll rich! That's all.

P/s: catch 'Nostradamus: 2012' on Astro History Channel (channel 555) this Nov 1, 2009!

Any critic or suggestion is open. Do leave your comment anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

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2 BUZZ!!!:

kenwooi said...

hmm.. interesting..
but i think nothing will happen..
just a hype for now.. =)


F I T said...

ya ya..it's just a prediction.. cannot take it seriously.. :-D

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