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Monday, November 9, 2009

Innocent baby.. feel anything? watch ur back!

Do you know why there are a lot of innocent babies are being left and dead starting October until now??

Look... a healthy baby needs 9 months to born. So let's think for a while. This month is November right? What is the month for the past 9 months?

FEBRUARY, right?

Ya.. February got what??

Valentine Day, Right??

So, do you know what I'm thinking? Ya, some moron couple did that thing.. the process to have a baby..
(I can't say it because if i say it, some moron perverts will reach my weblog, if they search that word.. I don't want illegal money lorr.. every visitor can gimme some sen u know..)

Finally, the moron couple having a baby.

What would they do to the baby?

I have no idea. It's on you now. 

So please, if you love your love...love the way it is.. not love the way evil is.

Remember! Think before you woo. 

P/s: moron = bettlehead = stupid people (American slang, guys hehe)

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