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Friday, November 6, 2009

No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 (Ya it's real)

Recently I've registered for Mister Potato Contest..not this Potato Man..

but this one..hehe sorry Rooney..

ya ya..Of course I love Mister Potato chips because:

  • It's always crispier, and superb.
  • It's better than any other snacks which I don't know the main ingredient, but this Mister Potato Chips are made from a really good potatoes and guaranteed that the chips is made from the perfect quality imported potatoes.
  • Who doesn't like to crunch? good for your teeth hah...hehehe
  • Out of papadom? don't worry..Mister potato chips can replace papadom.. sedap pe makan dgn nasi..I might call it potatom..haha
  • I really like the tube because I can use it for many kind of use such as pencil holder, money-box and many more.
  • For sure there's no compromise as you can see and taste. Tongue never lie, right? huhu

Back to the Mister Potato contest. This is the homepage of the contest. You can CLICK HERE to go to the Mister Potato contest website.

Wahh flash app siot..hehe

Ya I've finished the challenge. It's not too hard and not too easy. But the more you try, the more you get the best score (If only you are smart lah). The challenge only has 8 stages. There are games and quiz about Mister Potato. I can say it's really fun. Below are the games that you have to finish. I don't wanna show the quiz. You have to check it yourself lah.

By the way, this is the guy that I really really hate. He suddenly appears and doing the 'killing action'.. so 'flushing annoying' la..wanna kicking his butt..hahaha

don't worry..the annoying guy only appears if you give wrong answer on any stage..so try again until you finish the stage.. a'ah, if you finish a stage without a mistake, these guys appear as they celebrate with you..yihaa!!!

The last stage needs you to upload a photo. Ya, photo which you must wear like Mister Potato..this stage is important because your creativity will be count and to be voted by viewers...so, be creative and be real..I'm sure you gonna win this contest..

huhu.. well, the most voted photo will win a pair of ticket to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 and lot of money also. wahh...

or if you wanna win some money and also be invited to Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 with your special one (bring one person only ok) you can also post an entry in your blog about this contest. For more info, please visit this website ok..CLICK HERE.. then if you win, cutting-cutting la with me..or I can be your partner for the fiesta hehehe

So if you guys have 'ong' maybe you could win..try lah.. tuah ayam ada kat kaki..tuah korang ada kt otak korang...huhu

Iklan komuniti Malaysia ini dibawakan khas untuk korang oleh FITRIHADI!

P/s: Musim ujan ni cepat lapar a..Come Mister Potato. Come to papa! Yihaaa!!!

P/s 2: sangat malu dan segan serta 'nak sorok muka dalam poket' untuk menghantar photo tersebut..adoiiii tapi takpe.. dengan semangat Zotto, aku akan membara macam kerepek kentang Mister Potato perisa 'Hot & Spicy'!

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