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Friday, December 18, 2009

Girl's secret; favourite part of man's body they like to see??

when u ask boy which part of woman's body do they like to see... well, pretty much to say that u know the answer.haha! right?

then how about u ask girl which part of man's body do they like to see.. and I know many guys out there also wondering about this question!

now i give u hint..look at this photo! now think where is the best part that girls likes to see!

ok now, put your finger to the best part for a girl to see...is it hair? nose? eyes? smile? chest? arm? leg? outfit? or *toot*!! no u wrong! wrong again! not there! absolutely not!

ok enough!

look! here's the secret! I tell u now ok.. the best part for a girl to see on man's body is....

yaa...look..who's care about your body, guys! girls only like to shopping laa..no wonder!!

P/s: Don't sue me, I'm just a jobless guy with small income!

[ Please drop your BUZZ because the silence is killing me softly. ]

3 BUZZ!!!:

waniBadri said...

anda sangat betul..
ka-ching, ka-ching...
hahahahaha {$-$}

zella said...

uish...mcm tau2 jer...

p/s: slm kenal...

F I T said...

@waniBadri hehe betul3!

@zella dah idup 20++ tahun..paham2 je la..heh!


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