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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

Hehey! Happy Monday Morning!

Today I have something to tell you about my biggest secret. And promise me, don't let anybody know about my secret because I'm a shy guy, ok? For real, 'I Just Love Good Smelling People!'

It is all begin with this story... I always remember when I was in school. Before I got my license, I have to use cab or bus to go home. It's a real disaster you know? You know why? This picture may brings thousand of the reason why getting a cab or bus is a real disaster for me.

Because of this 'smelly' situation almost everyday, my nose getting sick and tired of breathing. Sometimes I felt dizzy and went home like a drunk person. And my mum scolded me everyday because of that.

Arghh I can't stand to face this 'smelly' situation anymore. So, I have to find a solution for this problem. And the solution is I wore this! Brilliant hah? hehe

Oh after my age is enough to get a license, I went to school with my motorcycle. No more smelly people, no more disaster and no more gas mask. :P

But that doesn't mean that there are no smelly people around me. So, to avoid some disaster to my nose, what I do is I wear Adidas Action 3. I just found this Adidas Action 3 after I follow the Project Alpha from Nuffnang. Thanks Adidas and Nuffnang.

Do you know that Project Alpha is about revealing the blogging tips and life of some top blogger. And for sure they are not smelly people because they are using Adidas Action 3 almost for everything such as sport, event, walking around town and many more. No wonder they can be top bloggers after all.

Hey Fred! Do you have a blog?

Even Fred Flintstones use Adidas Action 3. Yeah it's cool man because;
  • It got 24 hours anti-perspirant protection so your armpit will never get wet in 24 hour. It's really heaven lah..
  • It's also chase away the body odor. Yeah trust me, more people and hot babe will come around you.
  • It has 'Dry Max System'. It's real man. I've just spray the Adidas Action 3 to my armpit. Not less than 1 minute it's all dry. wow it's a real heaven.
  • And plus what? It also has anti-whitening so that your cloth never turn to the color of your skin.
  • Last but not least, Adidas Action 3 also has no alcohol at all. It is good for Muslim in anywhere around the world!

The bottom line is, now I promote Adidas Action 3 to all my friends and colleague so that the office or where ever I am are fresh with the fresh fragrance and cool sensation from the Adidas 3 Action!

So, let's bring the sensation of Adidas Action 3 around the world! You won't regret it. I promise you this!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

13 komen:

Sakira said...

Comel larh your entry !
Saya punya terkeseriusan a bit. Huhu~

~ ReD ~ said...

haha.. terus teringat yang tiap2 pagi gi kerja naik lrt n bas. adesss

F I T said...

hehehe takpe..masing-masing ada cara tersendiri :)

@~ ReD ~
haha memang disaster! tambah-tambah bila time balik :P

Sharinginfoz said...

bagus project alpha..

Dah Beli Clinique

Kad Debit Rejected????

F I T said...

yup definitely.. :)

lieya orange M.I. said...

...huhuuu, bau ni rasa nyer mmg taktahan la kalau lalu disebelah..boleh pengsan tau, kekurangan oksigen=p

F I T said...

@lieya orange M.I.
oh boleh a pakai mask cam dalam bus tu hehehe

kenwooi said...

haha.. yabba dabba doo! =D

F I T said...

hehe thanks for visiting :) yabba dabba doo!

crayon said...

ngahahahahahahahha... aku nak pi heaven gak weh

F I T said...

haha jom-jom :P

cik EPAL said...

cute :)

F I T said...

@cik EPAL
thanks..so are you hahaha

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