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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

What? You don't believe me that I can surfing. Who said that? I'm surfing the internet everyday. hehehe yeah just surfing the internet. Not water surfing.

I never know or try the water surfing. So I'll continue on 'My Favourite Surfing Spot'. Everday and everynight, I stay in my bedroom in front of my table and surfing internet all day long. That's the only place that I can have my private time because my room is really peaceful and quiet. All the ideas of blogging can come just like that when I'm in my bedroom. And I can also write some great advertorial there.

I don't like my table look messy because I can't surfing internet or play game with messy table. What going on around me is really affecting my mind. That's important to bring some exciting mood to me.

And this is what my table loosk like;

Oh my age is 20++ but I still like to keep some toys hehe So, this is where my blog comes from. Besides that, I also play DoTA, and Need For Speed here to release my tension.

What about you? Where is your favourite surfing spot? KFC? MCD? Or Starbucks? Where ever is it, don't forget to follow new updates on Project Alpha because there's a lot of tips and fun stuff they wanna share from the top bloggers. Have a nice blogging!

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7 komen:

Kancilbiru said...

fit, ko keja ke blaja?

Rabia Sensei said...

Hi Shyguy,

Good luck for this entry. Jap lagi nak buat entry ni gak..Btw, saya rasa gambar nyer lain. bukan gambar adidas action 3, tapi gambar broadband wimax. I think you better check it back =)

Ahmad Syazwan B. Ahmad Tarmizi said...

hang guna riger lagi ka?

F I T said...

saya tak keja dan tak belajar..tapi bulan 7 ni akan sambung ijazah..napa?

@Rabia Sensei
owh buat la hehe thanks sebab tegur..awal pagi tadi rasa cam diorang letak gambar tu..anyway dah tukar..thanks ek :)

@Ahmad Syazwan B. Ahmad Tarmizi
hehe ya la bro..janji bleh layan tenet..

Ahmad Syazwan B. Ahmad Tarmizi said...

takmau terai innacomm ka?hg student kan.streamyx package student 4mbps rm100. tapi perlis tak semua area support 4mbps

F I T said...

@Ahmad Syazwan B. Ahmad Tarmizi
takpe a..streamyx pun dah ok..bukan nak guna berat2 sangat :)

-ROCKprincess- said...

kat upm xder line wimax...
kalu x I dah join dah dis contest...

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